January Issue

See poems below by Samara and Danielle!
Hueco Tanks State Park.
    In the first three photos below, a javelina munches on prickly pear cactus, then quietly moves away when he senses that humans are near. Fourth photo: what's left of the prickly pear cactus!  Use your imagination to mentally turn the rock formations at Hueco Tanks (in the last two photos) into familiar objects. (Click on one of the photos below to enlarge and to create a slide show!)
What a Bright Night
What a bright night!
Constellations aren't they beautiful?
My favorite is the Hunter.
The moon, it has craters.
Meteors, have you seen one?
The airplanes zooming through the dark night sky.
What a beautiful night!

~ by Samara Reynaga
age 6
   first grade student
   Polk Elementary
dedicated to my mom, dad and little sister

I feel happy to be home
Looking at the stars with David
Stars glow in the dark.

~ by Danielle Reynaga
age 5