December Extras!

Doug Baum of the Texas Camel Corps, and his pal Gobi, take a few moments to read Tumbleweed Times. To read more about the Texas Camel Corps, go to or click here!
'Camels in Texas' by Tom Lovell. Used by permission of the Abell-Hanger Foundation and the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum
Water from the Desert

At right is a photo of the large desalination plant in El Paso,
followed by a photo of the injection site where concentrate is sent underground for storage.

The map of El Paso shows the location of the injection site. This injection site is in the desert near the Texas/New Mexico border, east of the El Paso International Airport.

The fourth picture is inside the plant where brackish groundwater is forced against membranes that allow water to pass through-- but not the salt and bacteria.